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Let's keep you one step ahead of burglary and theft by…

…Keeping Your Home and Possessions Safe with Our Security Systems and Services in Pretoria

If you really want to protect yourself and your family, it is very important that you consider a security system and the benefits it provide. There are a good number of reasons why you should have a security system and, of course, why you should get the right one for yourself. But before then, there are some crucial things about security systems that you should know. While it might appear to be a little intimidating to prepare for the worst, I want you to consider the fact that this keeps you a step ahead of the situation should any arises.

The truth is that security systems, to a very large extent, dissuade thieves from attempting to burglarize your home or office. It drastically reduces the amount of time burglars or thieves spend in your house even if they summoned enough courage to do so despite the security system. Hence, reducing the amount that they can make away with.

This is a good thing in that an insurance agency would not have to make a large payout… which means there’s a higher chance of your insurance company to reduce homeowners' premiums.

Let’s talk about some of our security system services.

Alarm Systems

Now, the control panel for a security system is an alarm setup. The way this works is that every sensor that is in installed with the setup gives a feed back to the alarm system. If any adjustments are going to be made to the sensor settings, they are often made using the system. The lastly, the alarm system reports out and sends signals if it is ever necessary.

A simple way to describe an alarm system is that it sort of corresponds to the "brain" of a security setup. When the alarm system is activated, the sensor that is used reports to the alarm system. These sensors are life-safety sensors, Z-Wave devices, security sensors and environmental sensors. Without these sensors being used, there is no way the alarm system will know what has occurred.

If the type of response entails triggering an alarm event on the system, then the system will send out an alarm signal. This however, depends on the user's monitoring plan. So this signal is sent out to a central monitoring station or to a user via text or email. And if the alarm signal is sent to a central monitoring station, an operator can quickly request an automatic emergency dispatch. However, if the alarm signal is received by the end user only, then he or she must contact an emergency service on their own.


CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television or better known as CCTV are used for transmitting video Signals to a number of monitors. CCTV Cameras are commonly used for monitoring places such as Factories, Railway Stations, Museums, Airports, Multi-Stored Shops, Car Parks, City Centers and the likes. Also, CCTV Camera Systems with compact sizes and high definition cameras can be used for securing your business.

One of the major purposes of the CCTV is to prevent possible crime and identify people who are around in the building and its vicinity. These days, CCTV Systems use a variety of cameras depending on the angle of signal transmission from the System. Another great thing about CCTV is that it aids police investigations and increases the chances of recovering your stolen items.

For instance, if you own a shop, then CCTV System can be installed to enhance your security and prevent theft. Its core function is to capture the footage of a particular area or premises to guarantee the prevention of crime or theft. Hence, CCTV is really imperative if you think about it from a security point of view.

Electric Fencing

Over a decade now, electric fencing has been employed to secure farms from intruding animals and prevent houses from trespassers. The reason there’s an increase in demand for an electric fencing is because of its high success rate of maintaining security.

In fact, today, security companies are beginning to use them more often to ensure the appearance and security of the building is in no way compromised. They are often installed in a way that they blend almost easily with the surrounding, and at the same time, it provides powerful security to the building of the owner from intruders and burglars.

The electric fencing is so powerful in that it offers a strong, though non-lethal, shock to the intruder preventing him from breaching into your premises and property. There is no greater way to give a message to people who try to burgle your building. They often come with built-in alarms that set off when signals are needed to be sent to someone. This, in turn, helps to catch the intruder easily.

Also, electric fencing is extensively used by residential building as well as commercial buildings to give an extra layer of security needed for the business institutions.

Palisade Fencing

If you want to install or upgrade your security fence, then you might want to consider palisade fences. Palisade fences are usually constructed using two horizontally running rails connected by vertical rails.

You can buy palisade fences in different sizes ranging from 1 meter to 3 meters tall. The good thing about palisade fencing is that it’s cheaper to maintain, the fence’s pales – the vertical rails – can be easily replaced singularly when needed.

The major reason why a palisade fence is installed to secure a particular vicinity from outside intruders or to restrict people within some certain premises. For instance, a palisade fence can be used to outline the boundaries of a school and to have its students remain within the school’s premises.

Also, palisade fences are designed to make them almost impossible or at least very hard to climb. Since there are no footholds and it can be as tall as 3 meters off the ground, this makes them extremely hard to climb over to the other side.

Palisade fences could also be used as a means to prevent outsiders to see the confined premises. Most commercial buildings would often install it with spikes at the top of the fence which could also deters intruders from climbing the fence as this can cause serious damage to the person.

Another security system is…


Clear View Fencing

Clear View fence or fencing is usually known as an anti-climb, anti-cut and CCTV optimized security barrier. Right now, clear view fencing is one of the most attractive security fencing systems available. And due it look, clear view fencing completely offers it users a clear view of the residential or commercial property. The fence is installed with small apertures that make it almost impossible to cut through with any tool. And it is also fitted with maxi spikes at the top making it difficult to climb.

Then it is also basically impossible to dig under the fence as the trench in which the fence is placed is dug 3 meters deep into the ground.

What’s more interesting is that when compared to steel gate fencing or palisade fencing, clear view fence is quite cheaper. Due to the fact that steel wire mesh is used, hence, you only need very little materials to install the fence.

Boundary Walls

The structure of a boundary wall is made up of three parts: footing, columns, and fences. Boundary walls are normally used to enclose and outline properties in other to protect it from intruders.

You can have a fast erected, constructed, stable and versatile wall that is less costing than the regular walls if you use precast concrete. Also, the styles and textures provided for the boundary wall gives a beautiful addition to your residential or commercial building.

Gate Intercoms and Automation

The first line of security you should consider when securing your property from intruders are automatic gates and fences. You will find a variety of automated gates available out there. Typically, there are two main types – intercom and sensor pad detector.

Automated gates with an intercom system provide a high level of security in that the owner can verify the identity of the visitor by viewing the person on a screen and communicating with the person on a video enabled intercom.

And as soon as the identity of the visitor is verified, the property owner can then open the gates by pressing a button on the intercom. So certainly, intercom gives you full control of who you let into your property.

Then the other type of automated entry system is the sensor pad detector gate. It is also very helpful in keeping intruders away. You install an underground sensor pad detector in your driveway and when a vehicle drives close to the gate, it is detected by the sensor pad and which makes the gate to automatically open. While sensor pad can be very handy, it’s, however, not as secure as the intercom automated gates. As you have a complete control and you’re able to identify visitors entering and exiting your property.

Importance of Security Cameras

We both know that there’s an alarming rise in the crime rate today. Therefore, it is important to install security camera systems to keep a watch on all possible undesirable activities. The good thing about the security cameras systems is that it does not only inform about looming danger but also assists in investigation of any crime.

Assuming there is any burgling or robbery, if a security camera is installed, it will be a great help to the police to investigate the incident. This helps them easily gather evidences from the spot. And trace out the culprit through the footage captured by the cameras.

Therefore, it is very crucial to install close circuit television cameras, particularly, at public places like railway stations, banks, shopping malls, airports, crowded marketplaces, temples, cinema halls, bus stands and all other significant governmental or nongovernmental buildings. Deploying security personal alone is not a sufficient enough solution for this security concerns.

Home Security System

The fact that you’re reading this tells how much you really want to protect your property, valuables and as well as your loved ones. One of the smartest choices you could ever make is installing a home security system. Though it can be confusing when you want to choose a home security system as they are variety of them. But do know that whichever type you chose, you are doing very well to secure your home and family!

Of course, security systems have actually come a long way from locks to barred windows. Thanks to modern technology, security systems are now surprisingly sophisticated. And fortunately, this sophistication is not reflected way too much in their prices.

The great thing about installing a home security system is that it could actually save you money, as most insurance companies will slash off your premium if you have an electronic alarm system installed in your property. When you consider the average national premium, and the cost of an average electronic alarm system, the installation will definitely pay for itself. And this is just in insurance savings, in few years.


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