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Sandton 24/7 Residential and Commercial Plumber Services from Unblocking Drains, Fixing Burst pipes to Installing Water Meters and Geysers

One of the jobs that are often made less glamorous yet extremely important is the profession of a plumber. You only think of them when you’re in a big mess. Talk about water leakage, choked drains, clogged gutters, and the likes - these not-so-serious plumbing problems can actually make your home an inhabitable place and even your life difficult.

Of course, it is recommended that pipes and drains are smooth running and well hidden at the same time. However, this is why it’s difficult to fix your plumbing problem without the service of a professional plumber.

And the fact that these complex disorders of drains, pipes, and valves are found to occur both in commercial and residential areas. So, plumbing jobs need both the right skills and experience. A non-skilled or inexperienced plumber can create plumbing chaos in your building.

Look, we are a team that is operative in both residential and commercial plumbing services. We have skilled and experienced plumbers and employ state-of-the-art technology. It would be a great idea and clever to use services from an experienced plumbing company like us.

So, we’ll like to share with you the plumbing services we offer:

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Usually, when there are plumbing emergencies like clogged washrooms, burst pipes, and the likes, people seem to find it a little difficult to differentiate between residential and commercial plumbing services. A lot of people suppose that a residential plumbing contractor should typically be able to deal with a commercial plumbing issue. In any case, to the public, the sinks, pipes and other appliances in bathrooms and kitchens are pretty much similar in both commercial and residential buildings.

It is often difficult for a typical individual who knows nothing about plumbing to differentiate residential plumbing from a commercial plumber contractor. The truth is that, while there are, of course, a number of similarities, there is a considerable difference between the two.

However, Fix My Home SA, will get you in contact with a professional commercial and residential plumbing company based in Sandton. We provide our services to residential buildings and companies to ensure that your life is not made difficult as a result of your home plumbing system and business activities are not interrupted by broken pipes, clogs, slow drains and other plumbing problems. We service hotels and restaurants, hospitals, offices, grocery stores, schools, residential buildings and gas stations to mention but a few.


Repairing, Replacing and Installation of Faulty and New Geysers

Almost everyone never thinks about how or where hot water comes from in the shower. We just walk into the shower and expect warm enough water to gush out every time we need them. And when the hot-water system won’t work, which happens occasionally, we go panicking and start seeking a way to get it fixed. If your water heater goes out, then you can’t just wake up and enjoy a nice cool or warm shower. The fact is that if you want to clean yourself properly, you’ll need hot water and soap to kill the bacteria and germs on your body.

Though you could actually go years without having a single one heater problem, however, when it occurs, the issues are very easy to spot. The common issues are…

Not having adequate hot water

Discoloration in your water

Water leakage

Fowl order like an egg smell

Odd sound from the water tank

Gas leaks


Last but not least no Hot water

So, if you are having trouble with your water heating system or you do know somebody that does, we will be glad to put you on the right track to your hot water recovery.

Maintaining and Unblocking of Drains

When you don’t properly maintain the drain system, it can cause many plumbing problems. There is a network of pipes, in a drain system, which can develop problems like blockages, bursting, and corroding. You need to consistently clean these drainage pipes so as to keep the system running efficiently. This is where you’ll require the services of a professional plumber who has the tools, skills, and experience to give the pipes a thorough cleaning.

The problem is that, eventually, your drain lines would gather organic debris and other dirt that can clog it. For example, toilet paper, soap scum, hair, and the likes can all cause a difficult-to-remove clog. Signs of a blocked drain are drains that take too much time to empty, garbage disposals that are not removing waste completely, experiencing low water pressure, and having difficulty flushing the toilet.

We recommend a professional drain cleaning service so you could prevent such problems. As we can diagnose serious issues like if there is any major damage to the drain system or sewer system including the septic tank and drain field. Fixing problems deep in your drain system requires specialized tools and equipment. This is why we use high-tech machinery like high water jets to eliminate the blockage from the drain. Moreover, as professionals, we can unblock clogged drains without sustaining any damage in your pipe system and flooring of your building.

Burst Pipe Repairs and Pipe Installations

One of the most disturbing experiences that you can have as a homeowner is to discover that one of your pipes has burst. This is because burst pipes can cause serious water damage to the area around it.

Quite frequently, we get reports of homeowners and caretakers who attempted to fix a burst pipe on their own and perpetually failed. We can’t emphasize this well enough; burst pipes are best left to the professional plumbing services for repair. Once you discover a burst pipe, you should call a professional plumber and turn off your water system. You must handle a burst pipe promptly in order to avoid further damage to the surrounding areas.

Now, what causes a pipe to burst?

You see, people contact us very often about frozen pipes in the winter. When the temperature is low, water is trapped in the pipes. Then this water freezes. This leads to surrounding pipes to expand and eventually, burst. Repairing burst pipes is quite affordable and worth every Rand spent on it as this will prevent more damage.

And lastly, the most reliable way to assure yourself that the pipes in the building do not burst is to upgrade the pipe.


Heat Pump Installation

We both know that there’s a rising cost of home heating fuel, now is the best time to explore alternative means to heat your home. And that is where Heat Pumps come in. This is a great way to heat your home by drawing heat from the outside of your home. Heat pumps are increasingly being used to heat residential homes water, the hot water used for kitchens, bathrooms, clothes washers, etc.

Also like an AC, the heat pumps could be used to cool your home. With a heat pump, you don’t have to have a separate cooling and heating systems, the heat pump does both. And they are much better for the environment since there is no burning of fossil fuels.

At Fix My Home SA, we will get you in contact with Professional Plumbers that can provide a complete range of home heat pump installations and repairs. We're South Africa’s heat pump go to experts and we’ll be glad to help save you energy by installing a new heat pump or repair faulty one in your home.

So, if you have an older heat pump that making too much noise or simply not functioning well, it might just only require minor maintenance and adjustment to get it back to work. We will gladly help you restore your older heat pump and get it up and running in no time.

Water Meter Installation

If you are a homeowner or run any other multi-tenant residential development, you likely receive water bills from the state or city every month. This means you have to take care of the bill for your tenant or home regardless of the quantity of water that is used.

So, we would like to introduce you to a more equitable and fair billing system by installing a water meter. And as soon as you install a water meter, you will be able to divide the costs appropriately to each individual tenant residing on your property.

With the installation of a water meter, you then have an ideal way to help your tenants manage their water without wastage.

You can also quickly inform tenants of any unusual water usage rate – this could be as a result of leakage. This we can help you fix also.

Emergency Plumbing

The fact is that some plumbing issues simply can't be overlooked. Like burst pipes, overflowing toilets and broken water heaters. So, when you have a plumbing problem, we got you covered with our 24-hour emergency plumbing service. It is true that some repairs can wait, but the thing is that some malfunctions can cause major problems and inconveniences if left untended.

There is a lot of problems that build up as a result of ignored damages. So those problems must be attended to asap. We have the technology and tools available for plumbing emergencies that arise even when you least expect. So, be it a residential or commercial plumbing emergency, you’ll need an experienced plumbing company available to you.

New Water Point Installation

If you want to have a new water point installed in your home it must be designed to achieve appropriate water flow and pressure and to prevent any form of contamination to the water. A well-installed and designed water point should be durable, minimizes noise from out inflow of water and supports the efficient use of the water point.

Generally, all water supply systems are installed with a combination of pipes of different sizes and materials, outlets to deliver water to the building and valves. Also, there are some water point systems that use pumps and tanks for water storage. Installing a water point requires getting all of the components right so that clean and non-contaminated water is supplied to the building.

Water Leak Detection

One of the most common plumbing issues is leak problems for sinks and faucets. And it can be very hard to handle complex leak problems that occurred as a result of a faulty water supply systems. This is why people usually need professional leak detection services for detecting and repairing the fault. As a leak detection service provider, we use many advanced technologies, like infrared thermography and helium leak detectors, which detect the spot and the source of the pipeline leaks easily.

This kind of service can actually save you money. And it helps you to regulate the rising water bills of your home or business. Leaks happen to the best of us, they can occur at any time. However, in order for us to contain the immediate needs of our residential and commercial clients, we provide 24hr services. You can get in contact with us at any time and get our instant response to your call.


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